Leak Checker

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Leak Checker/Air Leakage Diagnostics Fan

Achieving an airtight construction alongside an appropriate well balanced ventilation system can
deliver a more comfortable home environment and significant energy efficiency benefits.
The BTS Leak Checker can minimise uncontrolled air leakage within buildings, by helping users to
identify unwanted air leakage paths. The fan is designed to be window mounted, and offers simple
operation through a mobile app. The BTS Leak Checker is highly recommended as a diagnostic tool, to
be used at any stage of a retrofit or new build project.

The simple window mounted unit allows site teams to test for air leakage throughout the building. This
helps to improve build quality and compliance test pass rates New build Existing homes and retrofit Air leakage can account for as much as a third of total heat loss. Finding and remedying those leaks can lead to considerable energy savings and comfort gains.

Easy to operate:

The fan is very easy to operate, making leakage path diagnostics accessble to all.

Save time and costs
Run the fan during works and before your compliance testing to be confident of a first time pass whilst reducing the need for costly rectification and remedial works.

Identify leakage paths
The fan creates a pressure difference large enough so that air leakage paths can be felt with your hand or visualised with a smoke pen or thermal imaging camera.

Basic Measurement
The fan will provide an indication of overall leakiness and the level of progression made by your sealing interventions.

The Leak Checker fan can be used before or after a Pulse air leakage test, allowing diagnostics and sealing works to be carried out independently.

Power 24 VDC, 50/60 Hz
Max consumption 4.5 A, 105W
Measurements Fan speed (RPM), Pressure difference (±50Pa to ±3%), Flow rate (m3/s)
Max airflow 2042 m3/h (2750 RPM)
Wireless Control the fan via a 2.4GHz Wifi connection between the fan and your
mobile device
Power connection Socket: Straight jack DC power supply plug
Lead: 3m power supply lead to UK 3-pin plug (as standard)
-10 to +35°C, 80% RH up to 30°C
Kit contents 1x fan unit,
1x extendable mounting rod,
1x nylon window sealing sheet,
12x sealing sheet clamps

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